We are a network of surgical trainees who work together towards setting up and running multicentre studies by making the most of our placements in the Mersey Deanery.

Mersey Research Group of Surgery is a network of experienced surgical trainees performing Clinical research, Medical research, surgical research and Epidemiological research. We focus on performing research studies to discover a safe and effective treatment for medical and surgical. We are expanding our knowledge to provide high quality research for the patients’ health care state. Saving lives and good health care procedure are our main focus. We aim for higher quality research to help individuals get benefit from it, as well as our group. We work together to set up and run multicenter studies providing high quality research to address the medication and treatment that you need.


  • Epidemiological Research

    MRGS provides epidemiological research that provides you accurate information about the causes of the illness or diseases you are suffering from. Our method of investigation is thoroughly done to get a precise outcome which will be used to figure out the right treatment of the illness. Epidemiological research is conducted to investigate particular illness to…

  • Surgical Research

    MRGS performs surgical research to get accurate methods for the procedure done. We are equipped with high technology materials for the research to be completed.We perform surgical research to benefit surgical care. Research reflects a key commitment to advance the field of surgery. Surgical research provides a solid treatment method for surgeries, which will get…

  • Medical Research

    Mersey Research Group of Surgery conduct medical research studies focusing on its benefits. Once a patient is suffering from a particular long-term disease or illness where former medications are ineffective, you will be chosen to get tested in an experimental drug. Our team gathers medical information to evaluate side effects and benefits. Our research are…

  • Clinical Research

    Clinical research has been a major part around the global healthcare system. Our team collects evidence towards establishing effective treatment bringing a betterment of health in the state of disease. Mersey Research Group of Surgery conducts trial for evaluation of investigational drug, which is scientifically controlled situation to test the efficacy and safety of an…

Our Team

  • Sally Bon

    I’ve been looking for best surgeons to ask about my past surgical procedure. I am experiencing pain on the part of my body in which I got a surgery. My friend is concern about how I felt. So, she bring me to MRGS to ask some assistance for possible treatment. Surprisingly, I got treated rapidly.

    — Sally Bon / Assistant Manager–

    Sally Bon
  • Anne Walter

    I’ve been suffering from a particular illness for a year. I am taking multiple medicines, as advised by a close friend. At first, I was amazed on its first reaction, as it truly reliefs the pain I usually felt daily. However, a year passed by, the medicine I am taking leaves as a pain reliever. I heard about MRGS and asked help from them. Now, I am totally get medicated.

    — Anne Walter / Medical Practitioner —

    Anne Walter
  • Lucas Biermann

    I was surprised that I saw my mom’s health is getting better now. She’s been suffering from a particular diseases for many years, but never get treated from the medicines she was taking. I get interested on how she share her story about her treatment experience from Mersey Research Group of Surgery.

    — Lucas Biermann / Surgeon —

    Lucas Biermann

Epidemiological Research

Surgical Research

Medical Research

Clinical Research

About Us

As surgical trainees, research is an important part of all of our careers. Some of us take time out to complete higher degrees, others would rather do there bit more in program, but it is something we all have to, and hopefully want to do. With this in mind, we have recently started to bring together Mersey Surgical SpRs to form a research collaborative (MeRGS- Mersey Research Group for Surgery).


Public Health


Clinical research
Epidemiological Research
Surgery and research
Medical Research


Meetings are the First Thursday of Every Month 6.30pm Conference Room, 5th Floor UCD building Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

If you interested in finding out more please email mergs@mergsurgery.ac.uk or come along to our next meeting.


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